First print

Apologies for the video quality – I was trying a lot of different things before I got the printer to work and rushed into shooting after I finally got it down.

Shown here is the very first print I was able to run from the printer. The printer was able to deposit plastic for every layer it ran on, though by the end of the print the infill settings made the piece of rather poor quality.

Shown prominently is the new hotend – I started with an old bakelite pan handle I’d bought for a quarter at the thrift store. There was a preexisting hole in the handle that was too large for filament, and there wasn’t much room to drill my own hole. Bakelite is also a tricky substance to drill after its already been molded, as it’s prone to crack. As a solution, I filled the existing hole with high temperature sealant to constrict the diameter to the approximate size of the filament would pass through it. At the bottom, I affixed a pipe fitting and acorn nut with a 1/32″ hole drilled through, which was the smallest hole I could drill under my setup at the time.

It turned out after a week or two of calibration that this hot end suffered significant leakage. It did not help things when the bakelite isolator cracked after a failed attempt to reinsert the hot end. This would call for a new hot end, which will become apparent in subsequent posts.


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