Here is the printer in its first iteration. Notable things I would change include the the soldering iron based hot end and the sheet metal arm that holds it.

The soldering iron was mostly just the first thing I had on hand that served as a stand in. My soldering iron broke half way through working on the electronics and I found further use for it. Conceptually, it made sense – the bakelite used within handle would have a thermal operating range very similar to teflon. If anything, bakelite would work better as a thermal isolator as it inherently cannot melt and burns at temperatures comparable to the melting point of PEEK. The nichrome wire from the soldering iron also worked as a nice first order heating element. The 1/8 pipe fitting attached to the soldering iron was a failure to read existing documentation, on my part 🙂 The sheet metal arm I found was far too flexible, causing the position of the hot end to vary. It was soon replaced with plywood alternative.


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